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Trying to write:
The paper is flat, clean, smooth, satiny. I’m writing with my favorite pen, but my words are hesitating along the paper. There’s an order of formality with little heart and soul.

I need to find a pulse.

Crunching the paper in my hands forming a cracked ball releases the tension in my shoulders and arms. About to toss it into the trash, I realize, I’m giving up too quickly. Unfolding the paper I smooth it with the palm of my hands. The paper is now full of little bumps and crevices.

I begin again.

The writing wakes…

Similar to traditional holidays, I anticipate D.S.T. in the Spring for months!

It begins with the count down’

1 month, 2 weeks, 1 week — Bingo! The clocks take a big leap forward 1 hour and the next day gives us the gift of more precious daylight.

I cherish the daylight. I’m a classic morning person- even when lacked with sleep, the sun pops out, and I’m awake, alive and grateful.

The morning gives us hope for another chance to live our best life and I can’t give up on hope.

A month prior, I remind everyone I encounter that…

It was a Tom Waits song that clung to me. I heard it during college spring break when my younger sister Ivy played his album.

Ivy was my music muse. She brought to my attention a whole new world in music that changed the course of my choreography.

Prior, all I knew were musicals, classical orchestras and Barbara Streisand — that’s all our mom would let us listen to. A fact I didn’t know until I was in my 40’s and my mom was no longer with us.

The Tom Waits song that struck the inspiration seed living in my…

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My Imagination is my Best Friend

As a youngster, my imagination was my best friend. As an elder, I still depend on the playground of my mind to keep my sanity, no matter how many traffic jams life tries to plunder in my brain.

My imagination is just 2 steps ahead of the world I walk in. Somewhere down the path, I figured out how to retrain my brain to be ok in the present and not on a teeter-totter — unbalanced. I learned to walk two worlds simultaneously.

Here is how they sometimes collide:

Walking down the stairs in…

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How do you thank a friend for being a friend?
For just showing up — no matter the time it’s been, or distance you are,
voice to phone
pen to paper.
Sharing a thought, a fear, a joyful moment.

Thank you my friend, for being a friend.
For talking straight, and thinking strong.
No matter where you are, or where you’ve been, or where you’re going.

Thank you my friend for being a friend.
For setting things right when they sometimes falter;
my knees weak, my shoulders slumped, my eyes sad.
You gently pull me back up on the horse,

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Recently, I spent 5 hours perusing through my memory box; a large plastic container I’ve lugged around moving from one place to another. It’s filled with letters and cards from all sorts of people, some who are no longer with us. A big chunk of it I threw out — some memories you don’t want to keep. What surprised me were the well wishes from people I could not, as hard as I tried — remember who they were. Do I keep or toss? In the trash they went.

In my late 30’s, as I was making the difficult decision…

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Hopeful and Hungry

I was hungry for any opportunity offered to me. The type of group, medium, timeframe; none of that mattered. I was starved to create with the ideas constantly swimming in my brain.

Even though I rarely got paid, I always answered a resounding YES to anyone who asked for my services as a choreographer/performer. I worked from one gig to another, starting at the hopeful age of 12 to my mid-30’s, when life started to travel down treacherous roads.

The standard reason for answering “Yes” is because you never knew if another opportunity would come your way…

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I learned to type in eighth grade and took to it like a fish in the water. Tap tap tapping was a rhythm I could relate to for I was a dancer. Being an artist I was happy to find something that could keep up with the ideas in my mind as my hands typed quickly. I had a place to hold my thoughts before they drifted away from my mind.

Most of my jobs in high school and college were in restaurants until I heard of temporary office work. No longer running around serving meals I could conserve energy…

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Thirty years ago, attempting to reserve a flight on the internet threw me in a frenzy! “If you talk to a person a plane will be there, not by clicking on a button”. I was traveling to Seattle, visiting a friend whose husband was an Executive at Microsoft. I told him I had to ask a younger colleague for help, and he wanted to know why.

Now, many years later, I don’t think twice about clicking a button and know that anything I order will arrive at my doorstep. …

“One person wearing gloves and another person holding a bowl of red cherry tomatoes” by Elaine Casap on Unsplash

You travel to Africa and talk about roaring lions and the vast blue sky.

I found a precious stone by the rivers edge on my hike in the forest.

You flew to NYC and Broadway full of dancers, singers and lively music.

I picked blueberry’s in my backyard and baked pies for the country fair.

Drinking wine you brought back from Italy and eating a feast from my garden we share our stories.

Sometimes we wish we could live and do it all — we do, when we open ourselves to each other’s lives.

Living the moment through our memories.

A gift of each other — for each other.

Brenda Elise Finne

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